Vietnam Corpus Linguistics (VCL)

Researching and Developing Corpus Linguistics (Vietnam)


Posted by corling on January 2, 2011


Creating corpora with the participation of Vietnamese, for Vietnamese people and those who are interested in Vietnamese requires standards of Vietnamese for computers and different types of texts and necessary references.

2010 is the year of Group “Researching and Developing Corpus Lingguistics (Vietnam)” to focuse on weblog’s introducing, as follows:

  1. Standards for Vietnamese in dictionaries, established by Vietnam Dictionary and Encyclopedia Institute, and in legal documents, established by competent agencies.
  2. Vietnamese Dictionary of Corpus Linguistics, created and introduced by Dr. Dao Hong Thu.
  3. Publications on Corpus Linguistics.
  4. Types of different scientific field texts.
  5. Language corpora in the world for references and studies.

We are always looking forward to receiving comments from our colleagues and readers.

Group “Researching and Developing Corpus Lingguistics (Vietnam)”


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